‘The Truffle Hunters’ turns obsession into a relocating movie about existence

What is your go-to treatment throughout these demanding periods?

Meditation? Training? Screaming into a pillow?

All are demonstrated winners. But I’d propose one more:

Watch “The Truffle Hunters.” Take two viewings, in truth, and phone me in the early morning. This is the kind of movie which is great for what ails you, whatsoever that might be.

The documentary, directed by Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw, drops us into the soggy, dreary forests of Piedmont, Italy, in the enterprise of the largely old gentlemen who request the delicacy of the title.

Whilst that might more properly refer to the puppies that do the sniffing and the digging, and they are delightful. In some segments Dweck and Kershaw outfit the dogs with a camera over their snouts, so that we acquired a dog’s-eye view of what it’s like to root all over searching for truffles. It will not support your motion sickness, but it’s a charming effect. (I laughed out loud when they shook and the camera swung back again and forth at large speed.)