Saint Laurent Debuts Star Studded Jim Jarmusch Small Movie ‘French Water’

green and white leafed plantsJulianne Moore, Chloë Sevigny, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Indya Moore and Leo Reilly star in the 9-minute job.

In December, Saint Laurent debuted a moody short movie directed by the inimitable Gaspar Noe titled Summer months of ’21 which showcased the most recent assortment from the house’s Anthony Vaccarello. Saint Laurent is back with an additional experimental shorter, this one particular directed by indie auteur Jim Jarmusch. It is titled French Drinking water and it features Julianne Moore, Chloë Sevigny, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Indya Moore and Leo Reilly.

The 9-moment tale unfolds all through a meal party showcasing a lone waiter, performed by Reilly (son of actor John C. Reilly), as he observes the effectively-heeled company (Sevigny and both equally Moores) as they search for Gainsbourg in a cavernous location. The actresses adjust ensembles in a flash, each individual wearing parts from Saint Laurent’s Spring/Summer 2021 selection. Vaccarello also had a hand in this production, serving as art director.

“The meal celebration is over,” reads an formal description of the movie. “A lone waiter is seeing visitors look for for Charlotte. The echoes of their whispers multiply. Anthony Vaccarello selected Jim Jarmusch to orchestrate a dreamy, surreal ballet, pursuing his individual guidelines. Mysterious, elusive Charlotte retains disappearing and reappearing. Tangled until building a form of vertigo, space and time spin beautifully. Into eternity.”

See the film beneath. at?v=f1Sty3Crl2E

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