Photographer Larry Fink’s lockdown diaries

green and white leafed plantsThe illustrious American artist gives vivid reflections on new still lifes with a twist, established through quarantine

As you could keep in mind, Larry Fink photographed our 2021 Style Awards judges by way of Zoom from his Pennsylvania farm. Fink has now solely shared with Wallpaper* his lockdown diaries photographed in and all around his house throughout the previous 12 months.

In this article, he reveals the feelings driving the images spontaneous musings on the objects, animals and textures that encompass him. With his direct and stimulating lens, Fink delivers each day encounters to existence as we have hardly ever viewed prior to.

‘If there is power within a image, the photograph can transcend its prevalent materiality.’

‘Many levels of notion go into the birthing of energy.’

‘These photos taken at residence or in close proximity to residence in the course of Covid-19 are of popular artefacts. Illuminated by gentle, from distinct sources, all of them request questions of powerful visible concentration.’

‘The gift of viewing is ours to harvest. I am but a gardener planting a seed.’

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