Lil Nas X rips leather trousers even though pole dancing reside to Montero on SNL

green and white leafed plantsLil Nas X ripped his leather-based trousers whilst pole dancing reside on SNL. (NBC)

Lil Nas X endured a wardrobe malfunction on stay Tv set, splitting his leather pants while pole dancing to “Montero (Phone Me By Your Identify)” on Saturday Night Reside.

The artist appeared on the final episode of SNL’s 46th season to carry out his strike track “Montero (Phone Me By Your Identify)” as properly as new track “Sun Goes Down”.

The “Montero” overall performance was a steamy reference to the iconic songs video clip, and Lil Was X took to the flaming phase in a leather outfit, accompanied by six topless male dancers.

1 of the dancers even licked his neck mid-overall performance in advance of he created his way to the pole.

But as he started his pole routine, Lil Nas X had a serious wardrobe malfunction. His shocked encounter said it all as he managed to break up his trousers during a beautifully-executed system roll.

Grabbing his crotch devoid of lacking a defeat, he nonetheless managed to finish his unbelievable general performance, but took to Twitter straight later on creating: “NOT MY Pants RIPPED ON Are living ON Tv.”

He additional: OMFG NO… I desired to do my pole program so undesirable, this what I get lmao.”

NOT MY Pants RIPPED ON Stay ON Tv set — nope 🏹 (@LilNasX) Might 23, 2021

OMFG NO — nope 🏹 (@LilNasX) Might 23, 2021

i required to do my pole plan so undesirable this what i get lmaoo — nope 🏹 (@LilNasX) Could 23, 2021

While lovers assumed the instant was hilarious, they certain him that he certainly nonetheless “pulled it off”.

lmaooo u pulled it off tho <3 — ais (@aislinnn__) May 23, 2021 The fans holding you up after you ripped your pants like — Tater Tots McGee (he/him) 💛🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 (@JesusFChristo) May 23, 2021 Most insisted that pant splitting aside, Lil Nas X being unashamedly queer on live mainstream TV was changing lives. One fan wrote: “I was dying of exhilaration, giggles and excitement!! “That performance was sooo gay and over the top, it was a game-changer for this generation. Trust me when I say a lot of us have waited for that type of space to be taken up on mainstream television.” “First, good cover,” said another. “Second, I am so proud of you… Coming out is never easy and quite a risk. You are beautiful and I’m glad you landed in a good place.” What you did for all the black and brown queer boys tonight was epic. Game changer. Beautiful. Says this ole white lesbian. I love you for being you. And holding your crotch worked anyway. — Laura Kanter (@LauraWKanter) May 23, 2021 One fan added: “What you did for all the black and brown queer boys tonight was epic. Game -changer. Beautiful. Says this ole white lesbian. “I love you for being you. And holding your crotch worked anyway.”

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