Former Berea law enforcement chief punched at nation music festival drunk pair tossed from exact same concert

green and white leafed plantsBEREA, Ohio — A Cleveland gentleman, 26, was arrested at about 10:45 p.m. Aug. 21 following he punched previous Berea Police Chief Joe Grecol in the confront in the course of a country music concert at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, 164 Eastland Highway.

Grecol, now law enforcement main of Notre Dame School in South Euclid, was working for a non-public security firm that had been hired for the live performance. The man experienced been preventing with someone, and Grecol and other security officers responded.

Grecol, after he was strike, tried using to arrest the person, but the gentleman resisted. Other protection officers assisted Grecol put the gentleman in handcuffs.

When Berea police arrived, the person was acting belligerently and yelling profanities. The male was cited for disorderly perform and resisting arrest. He was produced to his girlfriend.

Earlier that night time, a North Ridgeville man, 27, was arrested and a 21-calendar year-aged Lakewood female was ticketed right after they induced a disturbance at the exact same live performance.

At about 8 p.m., concert stability officers and police escorted the male and female out of the concert since they were being drunk and yelling at just about every other. They have been informed to uncover a journey household, and they the two agreed to do so.

About 30 minutes later on, the couple tried out to re-enter the fairgrounds. When protection guards refused to enable them in, they argued angrily with the guards. The guards put them in handcuffs until law enforcement arrived.

The female, who was nevertheless drunk, told law enforcement that she experienced needed to leave the live performance and locate a hotel for the night, but the male required to return to the fairgrounds. She was quiet and cooperative. Police cited her for disorderly perform and drove her to a nearby hotel, in which she stayed the evening.

The guy, who was also nonetheless drunk, argued with police. He insulted and yelled profanities at them. Police encouraged the guy that if he did not serene down, they would arrest him as an alternative of giving him a ticket, but the male did not prevent yelling.

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