esrawe transforms its showroom into a area that exhibits artwork and structure

green and white leafed plantsa space for designers and creatives

esrawe is a platform that promotes collaborations involving designers and creatives with whom it participates. for this to start with exhibition, esrawe studio remodeled their showroom in mexico into a house that integrates iconic items of restricted editions. VISSIO, ewe, and héctor esrawe’s very own operate, as well as substantial-style furniture from esrawe studio and younger designers these as manu bañó are displayed in the space. it also presents a selection of countrywide and global artists in alliance with the arróniz gallery.

cartela bookshelf, dolmen table and kanji chair / style and design by esrawe studio

all pictures courtesy of alejandro ramírez

different collaborations exhibited at esrawe showroom

esrawe studio is a multidisciplinary style atelier and a laboratory of concepts, a remarkably experienced imaginative and experienced agency with global recognition. large-high-quality furniture produced and produced in mexico that about the several years has become a reference in their country and in the planet. the products they get the job done with are wooden, metal, upholstery, and stone. the items exhibited are from collaborations with VISSIO, ewe and héctor esrawe and manu bañó.

vissio is a system for limitless experimentation ensuing from a collaboration in between designers, artists, and architects with ‘nouvel’ artisans to comprehend unique and confined-edition pieces that shatter boundaries among artwork and structure. the items exhibited from VISSIO reinterpret glass to challenge and ignite the marriage involving thought, variety, and utility – superbly. as for ewe, it is a style studio centered in mexico metropolis, devoted to the preservation and development of mexico’s prosperous artisan heritage. their models embrace new mediums and languages for the execution of restricted-version sculptural and functional objects with a wish to reflect tradition as aspect of the organic move of the design and style.

confined edition candle grids, agave cabinet, ethereal / structure by héctor esrawe

the 3rd collaboration is with manu bañó obj-01. it is an item that needs no explanation. at a glance, it reveals its product, its producing procedure, its function, and its use. pure geometric figures create the lights fixture a rectangle, a circle, and a cylinder at the again which includes the led spotlights. the circle, then cut out, adopts the purpose of a display and can rotate 360° to immediate the light-weight at will.

lastly, esrawe’s patterns by hector esrawe consist of furniture, item, interior design, architecture, general public house installations, museography, and restricted editions. sculptural collectible parts in numbered collection ranging from 7 to 15 pieces per edition. the natural beauty and innovation of hector’s function lie in the knowledge of the price of his cultural heritage, which permits him to translate it into new languages and possibilities.

confined edition shifting parábola/ structure by héctor esrawe

confined version OCD desk/ layout by héctor esrawe

magma golden lights fixture/style and design by EWE

memoria stools/design and style by EWE

rito unfinished vessels/structure by EWE

OBJ-01 flooring lamp/style by manu bañó

OBJ-01 floor lamp/style and design by manu bañó

1/3 burnout vessel/design by VISSIO beautiful corpse vessel/style and design by VISSIO precarious amber/structure by VISSIO

project facts:

name: esrawe showroom

designer: esrawe studio, héctor esrawe, VISSIO, EWE, manu bañó

space intervention art direction: martin michaelis

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edited by: yasmina karam | designboom

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