‘Can I Essentially Sing?’ Satisfy New York Metropolis Ballet’s Songbird

green and white leafed plantsAhead of the pandemic, Clara Miller had a solution that she stored from her dancing globe at New York City Ballet. Effectively, the janitors realized.

After dance performances, she would search for out empty studios to rehearse. But she was not dancing. Armed with her voice and a piano, she wrote and sang tracks — often, she recalled, did not raise her voice earlier mentioned a whisper.

Handles had been section of her repertory, as well. At the time, she took gain of a rehearsal piano remaining onstage at the David H. Koch Theater and sang “Dancing in the Dark” to an vacant dwelling. “It felt like I was playing for an audience of ghosts,” she explained in a the latest Zoom interview.

She would generally get video clips of herself undertaking she didn’t know how to compose down her compositions. But a problem persisted: “I’d listen back and be like, ‘Is my brain just listening to my voice as superior?’” she stated. “‘Or am I basically lousy and I just am not listening to it? Can I actually sing?’”

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