Ben Shephard left red-faced as Tess Daly makes ‘flirty’ dance offer on Tipping Point

Tess Daly left Ben Shephard red-faced in front of the cameras when she made a very flirty offer to the handsome host on Tipping Point: Lucky Stars.

The Strictly Come Dancing host, 52, appeared on a celebrity edition of the ITV quiz show back in January, and she made quite the impression when she stepped into the studio.

The stunning presenter joined former footballer Michael Owen and comedian Hal Cruttenden in a bid to win stacks of money for their chosen charities.

But before the quiz even began, Tess immediately made Ben Shephard a rather saucy proposal involving the pair of them doing a “Romba” together.

Tess had Ben red-faced when she offered him a flirty dance on Tipping Point

During her introduction, Tess told Ben: “I’m Tess Daly, I’m probably best known for presenting Strictly Come Dancing, and tonight I’m hoping to dance rings around the opposition, waltz off with £20,000,”

She then invited Ben for a dance, saying: “And who knows, perhaps Ben and myself might get together for a celebratory Romba…”

Ben looked quite flustered for a moment as the studio burst out with a collective “Oooh!”,

The presenter raised his eyebrows in shock before accepting the offer, replying: “Let’s do it, come on!”

However, despite her best efforts to wow Ben with her general knowledge, Tess went on to have a rocky time on the show.

ben shephard
Host Ben raised his eyebrows in shock after Tess’ flirty ‘romba’ comment

She was the only celeb to get a question wrong in the first round – meaning her remaining two counters went into the penalty pot.

Her luck didn’t improve in the second round, either, because she proceeded to make a big error when it was her turn to take on the quickfire round.

She racked up an impressive three counters during the 30 seconds but unfortunately slipped up on the final question.

Ben asked her: “In which decade of the 20th century did construction of the Berlin Wall begin?”

Tess’ timer had already run out, but she answered “pass” long after her time was up.

ben shephard
Ben accepted the Strictly host’s offer before the quiz began

Seeing the funny side of the error, Ben pointed out: “You said pass after the time ran out.”

Ben laughed at the mistake before he reassured Tess that he liked her efforts.

By the end of the round, though, Tess was sent packing but she managed to raise £600 for The Great Ormond Street Hospital – her chosen charity.

It was then a tense head-to-head between former footballer Michael and comedian Hal, but it was the former Liverpool striker who clipped the win – making it to the final round with £3,600.

When faced with the decision to trade in the money he’d already won for three more counters that would allow him to try and secure the £20,000 jackpot counter, he took a risk.

Sadly, though, it was the wrong move as Michael headed home with a consolation prize of £1,000 for his charity after he failed to bag the jackpot counter.

Tipping Point continues weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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