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Americanaville-Open a free show to the military, veterans, police and firefighters for the show on Thursday, July 1st

“To celebrate Independence Day, we accept all military personnel, veterans, police and firefighters for free. All you need to do is bring your ID!” Marc Hauser said.

Brady Seals, a singer-songwriter and artist, has a pedigree to success. He has included Jimmy Shields (Shields & Crofts), Dan Shields (England Dan & John Ford Corey), country songwriter Troy Shields (Songwriting Hall of Fame member), Chuck Shields and many more. It has something to do with the big names in the music industry. Throughout his career, Brady Shields has sold over 11 million albums and simultaneously crossed three genres. His songs continue to captivate viewers and attract TV, radio and movie licenses.

Brady Seals, a tour musician from the age of 16, is probably best known for his tenure in Little Texas. For six years as a multi-platinum group keyboard player and co-lead singer, they were named to ACM’s Vocal Group of the Year Awards and nominated for two Grammy Awards. Little Texas has awarded the ASCAP Triple Play Award for three consecutive number one hits in “What Might Have been,” “God Blessed Texas,” and “My Love,” co-authored by Shields.

In 1996, Shields pursued a solo career and collaborated with legendary Rodney Crowell to co-produce Warner Bros. Pictures’ The Truth album. In a duet with Wynonna Judd, Another You and Another Me, she sold over 100,000 singles. A self-titled CD followed in 1998, with guest appearances by Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Timothy B. Schmidt (The Eagles), Bela Fleck and Max Carl (.38 Special). Shields then explored the pop / rock genre from 1999 to 2001 by engineering, producing and writing the album Thompson Street in collaboration with pop innovator Andy Sturmer (Jellyfish).

In 2002, Shields formed Hot Apple Pie (DreamWorks). The music industry, made up of extraordinary musicians, has dubbed the band “Music City Supergroup”. The hot apple pie self-titled debut was released in 2005 featuring country music icon Willie Nelson. The band made history as soon as it became the best-selling debut country. A group from the Neilson Sound Scan era. Their entry single, Hillbilly’s Love It In The Hay, is in the Top 20. The video ranked number one in VH-1 Country and became one of CMT’s “Top 20 Sexiest Videos”.

Seals played hot apple pies at large venues in North America and Canada for the next two years. They played the Grand Ole Opry, a major festival such as Summerfest, and opened for the country giants Keith Urban and Tim McGraw. Fans shouted for tickets to watch and listen to live shows as rumors spread about the great musicianship and the charm of the seal’s “Jaguar-style” stage. With its close harmony, agile playing skills, and charismatic stage antiques, the hot apple pie has earned the respect of insiders in the music industry and established the act.

In 2008, Shields paved the way again with the release of an independent solo CD called “Playtime” featuring friends Richard Marx and Stan Lynch (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers). He has performed for two years in clubs, theaters and other venues across the country.

When he traveled around Shields with his friend and co-author in 2015, Gordon Kennedy founded a songwriter show called Music City Pickers Live! Featuring Ricky Skaggs, Larry Stewart (Restless Heart), Richie McDonald (Lone Star), Peter Frampton and many other hit makers.

In 2016, Brady teamed up with Luacroft (daughter of Darrell “Dash” Crofts) to form Seals & Crofts 2. Audiences can now experience the music of 70’s rock duo Seals & Crofts in a whole new way. They can hear hits, Summer Breeze, Diamond Girl, and We May Never Pass This Way (Again), cleverly reimagined with a pious nod to the past. The project will feature many of the popular Seals & Crofts classics and new Seals & Crofts 2 songs.

2016 also brought in another music project for seals. He was also asked to stand in front of Tom Petty’s tribute band called The Petty Junkies. This group is made up of professional Nashville studio musicians and artists and is very successful in its own right. Members of this band write, play, sing and produce over 300 hits.

Brady recently released his own version of the iconic hit, God Breathed Texas, and a new memoir called God Breathed Texas & Me Too. He is currently booking a 2021 show.

Amazing August Package in Americana Building

Jake Foot was star-studded on August 5th, featuring the author of Marty Brown’s “I’m from the countryside and I like it” by Marty Brown, the latest member of the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame. Find out the lineup of months. John Ford Corey, half of the famous pop duo England Dan and John Ford Corey (“I want to see you tonight”, “Night forever”, etc.). Cookeville’s own Jake Hoot, the winner of The Voice’s 2020 season, just released a duet with new traditional country artists Timothy Baker and Colton Kise on August 19th, and Kelly Clarkson’s “I Would’ve Loved You”.

Get tickets for all four shows for $ 100 now

Currently, individual show tickets are not for sale.

To buy a ticket: Or call 931-854-8429

208 S. Church St., Livingston, Tennessee

(Iron and Oak-Steel Corp Event Center)

Every Thursday night.The door opens at 5 pm The show starts at 7 pm

(Supper orders end at 6:30.)

Upper Cumberland’s first listening room.

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