Anniversary of founding of Mexica cash celebrated with music and dance

green and white leafed plantsAll-around 2,000 dancers, musicians, singers and artists joined the once-a-year celebration on Monday of the basis of Tenochtitlán, the forebear to Mexico Metropolis and the capital of the Mexica people, also recognised as the Aztecs.

The specific day of the historic city’s basis is debated. Most archaeologists and academics point to 1325, arguing that data show the pre-Hispanic calendar year of “2-Calli,” which would make this year the 696th anniversary. On the other hand, to their ire, the government has promoted the activities this year to mark “Seven Centuries of Background,” which spots the date at 1321 or 700 several years ago.

The numeric symmetry need to have been difficult to resist for govt planners: 2021 marks 200 decades considering that Mexican independence and 500 a long time given that Hernán Cortés’ victory at Tenochtitlán 15 functions are planned this 12 months to rejoice.

On the other hand, commemorating the city’s foundation is a nicely proven custom. Considering that 1975, teams have converged on the zócalo each calendar year on July 26 to celebrate the arrival of the 1st settlers.

A person participant, Tonawaka Kwauhtlinxan, noticed the party as an possibility for relationship. “We are celebrating this good party. It is the time of unification, the time to occur back collectively as a single great tribe. We are one particular tribe, the human tribe,” he reported.

At 1:43 p.m. individuals paused for the “zenith passage” when the sun achieved its greatest position in the day.

David Trejo, who organized a tlalmanalli altar to marks the 4 features and the deities, spelled out the astronomical phenomenon. “We have paused the dance to explain the astronomical pattern that is noticed when the shadow disappears … the shadow of the flag [in the center of the zócalo], disappears,” he explained.

Trejo additional that the commemoration must be inclusive. “All Mexicans must know their roots, their tradition, and be very pleased to be Mexicans. We constantly talk about September 16 [Independence Day] but there are other dates … that we continue on to communicate about after 500 years of the arrival of the Spaniards. Mexico is a multicultural world,” he mentioned.

Amid choices, dances and the “zenith passage,” there was a match of ulama, a Mesoamerican ball sport.

Trejo, for just one, explained he was happy with the government’s initiatives to celebrate pre-Hispanic background. “We have had a whole lot of openness with the local federal government and other states. They are supporting us and endorsing the rescue of the tradition,” he said.

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